The story of Kazmok.

The idea for KAZMOK started in 2010 in the mind of award winning industrial designer, and our proud founder, Dinand Stufkens. Designing functional bags, his creative mind was working overtime searching for unique, unexpexted, sustainible and re-used materials to create something new.

Unique Material

In his search for other raw material then the 'normal' mass production fabric,

Dinand spend the last 5 years searching, collecting, testing and optimizing all sorts off raw and used materials, like old conveyer belts from airports and canvas to used army tents to create the ultimate unexpected products. KAZMOK products.

    Dutch Design
    Hand made
    Amsterdam based

Unique style.

Searching for something that did not excisted, It is our passion to create regenerating value to an industrial waste product turned into an unique business bag. We like to activate interaction, open dialogue and evoke reactions, either way.

Vision of Dinand.

We believe that following your passion is one of the most essential things in life. We believe that life is most interesting outside the societal boundaries. It is our passion to push boundaries with unique products.

It is our ambition to inspire men all over the world to discover their boundaries without losing their identity.

Expect the unexpected.

Its our motto, it‘s our mission, it‘s our promise to you. Every bag we make, has a unique feeling to it, made by passion and unexpected quality. We give our very best to create a bag that‘s just right for you, your unique bold self.

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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.