Be Bold. Be Brave.

KAZMOK creations are handcrafted in the Netherlands with a commitment to the very best in function and the highest of quality. Production expertise passed down through generations has led to a love for creating products that are bold in design and good for the planet. Each KAZMOK creation is proudly labeled: Dutch Design - Handcrafted in Holland

Regenerating value.

An icon of mass production, the conveyor belt is renowned for its dependability and durability. After years of service on the frontline of industries around the world, conveyor belts develop a patina reflecting a history uniquely their own.

A time comes when conveyor belts have to be replaced, and that’s when KAZMOK steps in. The best quality conveyor belts are chosen and prepared for production, reinvented as KAZMOK creations travelling the world today.
  • Unique material
  • True Craftmenship
  • Regenarate Value

Quality First.

All KAZMOK products are made of used industrial materials that go through the strictest of quality checks, however - as Murphy’s law would have it - sometimes there’s a glitch. We offer full customer support for total customer satisfaction. At KAZMOK, we make and keep our customers happy.

Unique designs.

Our choice of recycled conveyor belts as a source material for the KAMOK line, is not only eco-friendly as a green production process, but perfect for our design style with an eye for what is unique and bold. Just like the owners of KAZMOK bags, we are pleased to present excellence in both process and design

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While styles change, some things remain the same. KAZMOK celebrates the classics and at the same time our bold designs welcome the unexpected. Representative of Amsterdam - a city with an open mind - KAZMOK continues a tradition of classical design framed by cutting edge ideas. The KAZMOK production profile proudly recycles the past for a better tomorrow, and when you see a KAZMOK, you know it’s a KAZMOK. We like that.

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It is our passion to create regenerating value to an industrial waste product.