Be Bold. Be Brave.

KAZMOK products are handmade in the Netherlands. KAZMOK uses the best knowledge available to professionals for her production. Our production members understand the know how of making bags with knowledge from father to son, generation to generation. This ensures that all KAZMOK products are produced with love and knowledge. Therefore, each bag is labeled; Dutch design made in Holland.

Regenerating value.

By rotating the conveyor for million times in various industries they get their uniqueness. When a conveyor is replaced we collect them.

We start with cleaning the used and dirty conveyor, after that we select and prepair the conveyor for production. Only the best quality belts are used for a KAZMOK bag.
  • Unique material
  • True Craftmenship
  • Regenarate Value

Quality First.

Tell something about the great quality here. Not only the materials but also that is it made by passion, and therefore creates a truly better quality in multiple ways.

Unique designs.

We are using conveyor matierlals to make our bags not only eco friendly, but extraordinary, just like the owners of the bags.


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Times and styles are changing continuously in a fast moving market.
But some things never change… KAZMOK is a headstrong brand that can not be shaken by trends or ever changing styles.  However, KAZMOK dares to re-invent their products time after time, because the best experiences in life are unexpected.

KAZMOK headquarters is based in Amsterdam. The city with an open mind. A city with offers the base for ground breaking designers and ideas. A perfect base for the headquarters for bags made from used conveyor belts.

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It is our passion to create regenerating value to an industrial waste product.